Creative gift

Gift ideas for the creative in your life

Creative gift_circle

Feeling stumped for what to by the creative in your life? Or looking for something to treat yourself to? Either way, we have 10 gift ideas for creatives this holiday season. Read more

creative pm

Creative and IT project management: what’s the difference?

creative project manager

At Synergis, we live in two worlds, Creative and IT. The left side of the brain and the right side. The role of Project Manager transcends both sides. Project Managers can be found in marketing, IT, big data, advertising, UI and UX and so much more. Read more

7 common UX misconceptions revealed

UX Misconceptions

UX, or user experience, can be a confusing and daunting topic. Many people have a tough time explaining what designing for a user experience means, or what a UX Designer actually does.

Simply put, user experience is the process a UX Designer takes to create a simple, meaningful and extremely intuitive interaction between a user and a digital or physical product, while still accomplishing business needs and goals. Here are a few common misconceptions about UX: Read more

UX Heart

UX jobs and dating…are they really that different?

UX Heart

When it comes to UX, it’s never one size fits all. When I talk with designers, I always talk about UX like it’s a spectrum. It’s everything from UX Research to Visual Design. As a UX Designer, where do you fall into that spectrum? It’s never as cut and dry as you think. Sure, there are consultants out there who can do end-to-end UX design. But truly, it’s never a simple plug and play. Read more

Must-have UX skills (and a few to give you a leg up)

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When it comes to usability testing, did you know that testing with just five users can find up to 85% of the issues? I didn’t either until I started working with User Experience (UX) candidates a few years ago. They opened my eyes to all kinds of nuances of this fascinating and fast-growing field. Read more